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She-Wolf and the Sacred Womb

February 6, 2018

I have never been able to let go in front of people, and the idea of kundalini and shakti awakening through dance scares the shit out of me and makes me nauseated. I also feel a deep awe for the fearless people who put themselves through this and really let go, I’ve seen them, It’s not me but I wish it was. I wish I could be that free. Even in my own privacy I could not be that free,…

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Red Road

November 18, 2017

A shamanic journey I had where I cleared a lot of debris that no longer served me. It weighed me down, sapped my energy and filled me w toxicity. In this journey the debris was removed, seeds planted and replaced with a dance to help them grow. My poem to this journey: A long time ago they sent prayer from Pachamama to Great Spirit, bringing that prayer down to illuminate her and her children. Planting illuminated seeds that were touched…

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Talking with Trees: The relationship between light and darkness

February 21, 2017

Talking with Trees I went out onto the porch as the sun was going down and out my headphones on to low crystal healing bowls and tuning forks and saged and feather dusted myself. I usually do this indoors in my healing room, doing it outside added something really special and felt immediately attuned to the trees in front of me. I’ve been connecting w these two trees that I thought were brothers recently, they’re extremely tall and leafy and…

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embracing your shadow

March 22, 2016

Written by Deborah Kantor We’ve just gone through the autumn equinox, the equinox signifies a turning point in your life where your old habits that no longer serve you are being shed, making way for a new Self to emerge. It is a time to prepare for your new self to arrive. To sort out unresolved issues and put things in order and set new goals that revolve around who you want to be and should be. If you are…

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Falling in and out of your power

March 14, 2016

Written by Lucas Cook We are born into our power, from our mother’s water and her womb; we are given strength and sustenance just by being born. We come into this world with a clean spirit, if we were brought up in nature like many tribes in Africa, Mongolia, the Amazon, or Australia are- we would still be clean, but for those that live in a western or modern culture like myself; we cannot stay clean unless we work very…

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the great knowing

March 9, 2016

Written by Deborah Kantor   What happens to us when dark energies surround us? What does the energy want? What does it feed on? The answer is light, your light. Since I was young I could sense and sometimes see energy, especially dark energy. When I would go to sleep at night demonic faces would appear and try to scare me, I was scared for a very long time when I suddenly realized that these ‘things’ would react when I…

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why you should follow resistance

March 9, 2016

Written by Deborah Kantor   Resistance is where it’s at, it’s the answer to everything you need to know, where there’s resistance there’s the root and cause of what is stopping you from moving forward and growing as well as the answer of what to do about it. With Reiki, if you feel resistance somewhere in your body, they you need to pause and see what’s hiding in there, what is causing the dark clouds, pain or tingling? What comes…

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