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Warrior becoming

November 18, 2017

In the most recent journey I had, I saw a sky of clouds and pyramids floating, with a big white arm coming through, lightning filled the sky and shattered the ground around me. Leaving me on a rock with my wolf companion. A black raven appeared with his wings spread, then pecking btwn his feet at seeds. Four days later I found a Raven’s remains at the side of the road, it took me circling the block several times to…

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Red Road

November 18, 2017

A shamanic journey I had where I cleared a lot of debris that no longer served me. It weighed me down, sapped my energy and filled me w toxicity. In this journey the debris was removed, seeds planted and replaced with a dance to help them grow. My poem to this journey: A long time ago they sent prayer from Pachamama to Great Spirit, bringing that prayer down to illuminate her and her children. Planting illuminated seeds that were touched…

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embracing your shadow

March 22, 2016

Written by Deborah Kantor We’ve just gone through the autumn equinox, the equinox signifies a turning point in your life where your old habits that no longer serve you are being shed, making way for a new Self to emerge. It is a time to prepare for your new self to arrive. To sort out unresolved issues and put things in order and set new goals that revolve around who you want to be and should be. If you are…

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Toxic Relationships and trusting our basic instinctual gifts

March 16, 2016

Written by Ivy Applegate   As an individual I consider myself to be a strong independent smart spiritual woman, but with the wrong partner I was reduced to a co-dependent anxious mess. I was constantly crying and not knowing what to expect next. I kept telling myself that it was OK, but reflecting back I was deeply unhappy. The truth is, the warning signs were there, but I was with a narcissistic manipulative man, who emotionally and physically abused me.…

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fear is a blanket

March 15, 2016

Diary entry written by anonymous: I used to be so confident, now I feel paper thin, like someone…anyone could destroy me with a sentence or two if they wanted to. I’ve begun to eat healthy and exercise more. Something my mother tells me will help me feel better and it has but not enough to drag me out of the comfort of my sadness. I experience anxiety, paranoia and depression in waves almost daily. I have been known to snoop…

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famous people with depression who kick ass

March 10, 2016

Written by Deborah Kantor JIM CARREY It’s hard to imagine that talented and funny man Jim Carrey as someone who suffers from depression. He’s had a hugely successful career with films such as Ace Ventura, Dumb and dumber and Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind. In 2009 Carey started talking publicly about his battle with depression, he was on Prozac for many years and decided to throw away the drugs and find his own way out of the dark through…

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the great knowing

March 9, 2016

Written by Deborah Kantor   What happens to us when dark energies surround us? What does the energy want? What does it feed on? The answer is light, your light. Since I was young I could sense and sometimes see energy, especially dark energy. When I would go to sleep at night demonic faces would appear and try to scare me, I was scared for a very long time when I suddenly realized that these ‘things’ would react when I…

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