Shamanic Illustrations

My favourite thing to do is to draw the journeys I’ve been on from the spirit world, each one have brought me incredible lessons
and medicines to help me heal and to remove blockages and learn more about myself. We all have this ability.


Bear’s are natural healers, they pick their own herbs for healing, and also represents fearlessness. Bear’s can stand up to anything and are also nurturers.
In medicine Bears rip apart the patient to reveal what is hiding, it brings forward any shadow parts that tries to hide with a single swipe.

Sometimes our Spirit Guides speak in metaphors, sometimes they plant seeds that later turn into a deeper
understanding that it integrates into our bones, dna and inner knowing.
While working on ancestral healing I’ve started to understand what we are
actually made of and it’s pretty exciting when you think about it.



She-Wolf and the Sacred Womb


Learning wonderful teachings from healers that have passed over as part of my shamanic studies.
There is so much to learn and remember about healing, it’s all waiting for us to explore.
I found a diary of my first journey in 2012, there was so much fear and negative thought patterns that i had to
unlearn and it has taken me this long to remove the gunk from toxic conditioning.
I was highly toxic, my body turned on me and gave me signs that i ignored and suppressed.
Shamanism taught me to face it and look at those broken parts w kind eyes and bring it in for healing.
This is a life long process and the most incredible, opening and powerful journey and i am SO GRATEFUL to have found this.



Koala Shaman pulls out the toxic sludge and throws it into the fire, he uses blue gum to smudge me and he lays it all around me,
he teaches me by showing me. our bodies hold on to toxicity and trauma,
it crystallises and blocks our energy and personal power,
when we remove it we feel back to who we should be, things that we want align and become easier and within reach,
we feel stronger, present and in control of our destiny and we see beauty and walk in beauty.

“Paint yourself in these colours to show the flag you bear, to show your nations, paint to remember you are the stars and the waters” -koala shaman


Pearl of light to see in the dark, lift it up and swim below. See through flesh and bone to the luminous body beneath.
Find what’s there, what’s ready to purge, shine the soft light, the kind light of Grandmother Moon to reveal the beauty in the shadows.
The war beneath the surface rages on and the pearl is the white flag that’s been waiting to be picked up, out of reach till now.
Pick up the soldiers, their battle scars old and blood have run dry, raise them up in Spirit’s hands and place them in the fire.
Let the smoke rise to Spirit to set them free, let the ashes blow away and the empty space be healed through forgiveness


We flow w the moon and the water, we flow w shimmer and darkness, they move through us and hold us.
We birth and release though this sacred connection.
Our blood flows from our womb like the streams of our earth Mama.
We are connected. We belong.


Reflections in the soft light of the moon w my teacher and Higher Spirit. Learning about new medicine to
illuminate the dark, beautiful gift in my hand to help shine that all seeing light, Thank you for always standing in the doorway,
for being at arm’s reach, i have always felt you and the more I do the work, the clearer I see and hear you.
Thank you for helping me lift the heavy burdens on my heart so I can feel you again.


I asked my Higher Spirit, “What is my medicine?”

She walked me to a dark cave + ushered me to drum, soon the cave illuminated with
millions of stars, the inside of the cave became the Universe.

She said, “They are drumming w you, drum with them too”. I drummed w the stars, I felt
an enormous expanse + was filled w power + grounding energy as soon as I sensed it.

It felt like ancestors, it felt like deep roots. Like I had a place on this earth + it wasn’t something I needed to earn.

I had never felt my birth ancestors, there’s always been a disconnection. Like I was just placed here + didn’t belong.

The stars felt like my roots, I sensed they were like me, I felt a deep and

vast + intimate connection w them + knew somehow that I was one of them.
The magnitude of this filled every space in me w power + my body tingled all over, I knew in my bones it was true.

I sensed so much power + stood up hammering the drum + dancing. I couldn’t stop myself from moving.

The power filled me up + then my brain said, WAIT! My fear replaced all the power, I felt sapped, terrified.
My HS stepped in. I said, “I can’t do it, I feel like I’m not allowed”. She said, “Why do you feel that way”? I said,
“Because, I’m just a small person, I don’t have the right to be here, it’s too big and scary, I feel like I will get hurt,
and never come back”. My HS said, “You asked what your medicine was, this is your

medicine, you must dance in the dark, when it is most terrifying, you must stand up and dance and sing.
When you do this, you are connecting to us, we are always standing in the doorway for you,
your animal is at your side, sing + dance in the dark and know we are here and fear will vanish”.

I stood up again, I felt the fear, it was as vast as the expanse of the sky, it felt so heavy on me, like a heavy blanket blotting out the stars, it felt monstrous.

I drummed and danced, I found a beat, my own beat. I moved around the room, I danced w the directions. I felt each of their

uniqueness and I got lost in the dance, I felt connected to the directions, my animal, my Guides and Ancestors. I felt connected to the

Great Mystery and felt I had a place and a right to be there.

Embrace the shadow, illuminate the dark, follow the loud footsteps of the thunders.
Their claps are deafening, their large scrupulous eyes see through it all,
no place to turn but inwards, walk w integrity, grace and vulnerability.

Made w Labradorite Pyramids. 


Spinning a web infront if me w her baby spiders on her back

When her web was done the spiders climbed onto it

She watched them scurry and climb and fall, they were fast and tiny

Then she turned to me and spun me in a web caccoon

I tried to get out then realised i couldn’t so i rested

Eventually my light body gently opened up out of the cocoon on its own

It floated up and started to prance around

It looked at the babys and the big spider, i touched her back and she showed me her fangs, she wasn’t going to hurt me but she showed me that she could

The word RESPECT came

Everything needs to be respected in their own way, their own nature, the way to respect her was to see what she could show me and stay out of her way

I realised that and moved away but she beckoned me and her babies to follow her down into the water

The water was full of blackness, but it seemed v watery like it should be clear water bc the blackness looked like thousands of little dots and i could see that when she entered it.

Before she went in it looked like a very scary place, but she lit it up and the blackness separated and the water seemed thinner.

She led me to the place I had been searching for without words or thought, it was a feeling. A feeling that stretched across time and space, the place where my soul slept.

Made w Clear Quartz Moon.



I followed my guide into the watery cave I had swam in during sessions before, there were remnants of a popped
bubble laid out on the cave floor that we had rescued lost soul parts from, I sat inside it touching the edges.
When I touched it I felt sorrow and cried.
I picked up its pieces and put it against my face, I felt sorrow, loss, grief, love.
I lay down and gave birth in there to a delicate pink bubble. It floated upwards and I followed it.
I felt real peace. I trusted it would be safe on its own, and it was.
The peace felt like angels, it went all around me and protected me and the bubble.
The bubble opened up and when it did mer-people, dolphins and whales came out of the ground underneath me.
They came rushing out like an ocean, forceful and full of laughter and joy. I was told it was magical women’s business.
I woke up laughing. I had given birth to myself.

Made w Rose Quartz Bubble


Soul retrieval and soul singing.
Reclaiming and connected.
Diving down to deep dark depths to find whats mine, what’s lost and missing,
embracing those parts, lifting them up so the seeds I’ve planted can grow and grow and grow.

Made w Fire Opal Bubble. 

three wise men_2_Xsmall


A long time ago they sent prayer from Pachamama to Great Spirit, bringing that prayer down to illuminate her and her children.
Planting illuminated seeds that were touched by Thunder, that grow to be light filled rainbow warriors. Bringing the manifestations of Pachamama up,
having them heard by Great Spirit, bringing that prayer down, healing her, removing the old, filling her w light.
Doing this through her children, cracking open the seeds and stirring the ground, wake up little seeds, come quick!
Follow the sound our steps as we dance the dance Great Spirit has shown us. I’ve put Lapis Lazuli is the sky and Arizona dessert red earth is the road.

Made w Lapis Lazuli Sky

crystal magik_xsmall


Made w Rose Quartz Bubble

Spirit Canoe_small


I recently retouched an old painting I made. This is me when I was around 7 months pregnant with
Thorin in my stomach, with some of my spirit allies on a canoe, years later I found out that Spirit Canoes actually
exist and are a shamanic practise to heal groups of people. Synchronicities like this continue to happen when you’re on a spiritual path, pretty neat 🙂


TREE TALK— the middle way

The question that I’ve had for the last three months about darkness and light was; light illuminates what is there and what is hidden, darkness hides what is there and what is hidden. Darkness isn’t empty or a lack of something, it is like with depression, I had a lot of darkness inside of me, the pain was there but with depression I hid it, this made me sick and out of balance. When I went towards the light it illuminated what was inside me, it illuminated my pain and trauma that I tried to pretend wasn’t there, it forced me to deal with it by bringing it to the light, by unearthing it and as a result I was lighter and continued to move towards it.

Darkness and light are the same but always moving, they are two extremes of the same element. On this planet we are in a world of duality, where there is good and bad, up and down, black and white, darkness and light, but fundamentally it is made of the same stuff and the middle way, the grey way, in between the darkness and light is us moving towards the light, us breathing, our free will is what makes it move and the light and darkness is our past and future and our pain and lessons as we go forward.

16299399_1338074972932543_1095969451475585884_nBLACK COCKATOO MAGIC

I made this for a friend who keeps seeing the black cockatoo.

The black cockatoo represents spirit strengthening and significant changes in your life that can stir your emotions and make them ‘rain’ so to speak.

You may have thought about changing your life path or goals recently and renew them.
Black cockatoo frees us from emotional and spiritual blockages and helps us release and express ourselves in these areas that previously held us back.
They allow us to have the courage to express these feelings and show us how content we feel once we express them.

The black cockatoo also summons us to be creative and express these previously blocked emotions through painting, drawing, singing, writing and the likes.
If this animal has visited you in your dreams of through synchronicity then you are about to embark on emotional and spiritual freedom, you can enhance this by choosing a creative self-loving outlet and something that helps you feel connected to your spirit.



I made this for another friend, she had a dream she was riding the back of an elephant in the deep Indian jungle. She felt immense joy and peace and safety and familiarity while lying there, something that has been absence in her for a while. When we dream like this we are given medicine of that particular animal, the animals that come forward share their virtues of what we need at the time, they help us shed our old ways and put us on the right path of our true ways and the path of our soul. Elephant medicine removes obstacles and encourages communication in relationships while providing patience, compassion and confidence. Funnily enough elephant’s medicine is also the bringer of joy. To enhance the medicine it’s encouraged to keep the elephant close to you, draw something, put a photo in your wallet, even buy a small elephant trinket and dance like an elephant ??

mermaid 4


One of the first shamanic experiences I had with a healer was a soul retrieval. I entered the water and a whale appeared holding a golden cord, i kept it on me and continued to swim until i came to a cave, inside the cave was a little me, i took the cord out of my pocket and handed it to her after a long loving embrace and happy/sad tears, i told her to come w me and we flew back, she’s still with me. When I came to i felt her back inside my heart and i felt the ache and longing i had for her for so many years. It felt like i was home inside myself, safe and loved and ready to nurture her. Soul parts can leave the body when something traumatic happens, you feel almost dead inside, numb, living in fear or anxiety, not being true to yourself, and feeling out of your body, shaman’s can help bring those soul parts back in a loving gentle way.

opaline sea carp_final


This creature is from a story i wrote a long time ago where i would ride this Opaline sea carp through the ocean and he would light up the ocean floor for me w his horn made of light bc i was scared of the dark.

My poem to the Opaline sea carps-

I heard the spirits call to me
and whisper sweet hopes
into seashells in my hair

I sang in response and breathed in
the lessons they passed on

Collecting stones and bits of wood to remember the teachings,
decorating them over the years and caressing them now and again

Quietly remembering the subtle interactions that were only meant for me
translating the lessons in my own way

On a midsummer summer-tide,
under moon-kissed stars by a single flame
I light fire sticks
the smoke rises like small threads of dandelions and
I float with them fading
into seraphic sleeping gaze

I pray to wash away the stones and mud that linger within
I pray to clear the way of my heart and be open and true
I pray to clear the way for my mind for vision for clarity and wisdom
I pray to keep the flame lit
I pray for illumination

I ask to be forgiven for any of the doings I have done
to myself or others
that I may or may not know about
and I forgive those that may have harmed me in return

Thank you teachers, higher spirits and my animal friends
thank you for your supports, your wisdom
your teachings and your guidance

Tonight I will sip celestial tea,
I will sleep peacefully like a safe babe
under the years the trees promise
I will gather flowers for my hair,
and dream away of Opaline sea carps,
and watch falling stars turn to dust
from this brilliant sugar-sky
fading into golden mornings
and of suns climbing hills.

Made w Fire Opal.

reading under bushels

My idea of heaven… books, coffee, birds, nature, crystals and rainbows all up in my face ??

horse eagle magic_small

I haven’t made any artwork in months as i had some major blockages i was working through, as usual i forget how beneficial it is to draw them out instead of being numb to them. I’ve been sketching my journeys + dreams in the last few days that I’ve had over the last couple of months. They’ve been the biggest so far and the teachings have now ‘clicked’ into place. The blockages from my heart and vision is gone and new insights and ways of seeing are stepping forward. We still have transformed even though the process looks slow and we sometimes take a step backwards, the way is still forward. Horse has galloped into my dreams and built a path for me to follow, it’s literally stamped out whatever is in it’s way, spirit bird has led the way since always, guiding and protecting me. We have such special sacred friendships on the other side of the fence. It takes time but they eventually unfold and show themselves and speak to you and give you exactly what you need at exactly the right time.


Painted this little paper mache horse to give thanks to it’s medicine that’s come up recently Horse medicine has shown me that it can stamp out any physical and emotional blockages that have been holding you back, it provides stamina and strength to get through them, this medicine works fast and literally stampedes what doesn’t serve you and makes your path clear and uncluttered, while providing you with patience and spiritual protection while you run towards your own personal freedom

Mountain Horse Thunder… This is from a recent journey i had where i uncovered a soul part that was connected to grief from a past life that bled through this one. It was so intense that it rippled into my current life, and as a result i always felt like i was grieving but had no reason, once i found the reason, horse medicine brought it to the surface and once faced w it i had to go through ‘ho’oponopono’ which is a Hawaiian healing process where you say and feel these healing words: ‘thank you, i love you, I’m sorry, forgive me and i forgive you’.

I had to repeat this through tears an heartbreak over and over. I don’t feel like I’m grieving anymore, i feel lighter and clearer. This feeling caused blockages within me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Now removed, i feel more aligned w my true self, less cluttered, more whole, my soul is within my body, it is safe and home.

Never ignore your feelings, your body and spirit speak to you through direct and literal ways, there was no reason for me to feel grief, it had to be connected to somewhere, be an investigator in your own psyche, ask where is this coming from, when you’re ready the answer will absolutely arrive and that’s when it will be time to clear it, it make take years but you can always ask and pray for healing.

My poem to thunder horse nation-

Wind chasers, coming from the East, hear them riding clouds of white, soft rain turning thunder, they hear the prayers and they come running. They know when they’re needed, they come surrounding from sea of hooves and stop in sudden quiet, the breeze still pulling. Ready to blast the way, ready to pave the way. Pure power, pure spirit. Thundering horse medicine


By following the moon cycles we can help manifest what we want, starting with the new moon to set your intention, then bringing your intention into reality by making it physical and imagining it has already manifested. During this time it may show that your dream isn’t ready to be fulfilled, if this happens it’s an excellent time to see what emotions come up as that may be showing you what it is you need to let go of and heal, it may be that you have needed to make room first. As you move further on into the moon phases towards the full moon you can accept and acknowledge those shadow parts of yourself and release them with love, once you move towards the last phase thank the guidance you have received and get ready for the next moon. Happy manifesting!

lower world


trees2_smallPLANT SPIRITS

sloth qyeen smallMOTHER SLOTH– Mother sloth sleeps with one eye open to watch over her sleeping creatures

island_smallANIMAL ISLAND– We are a part of nature, not apart from nature

crystal cave2smallCRYSTAL CAVE– Lower world Journey into a Crystal Cave to find a missing piece of my heart

eagle castle_smallCRYSTAL CITY– Upper world Journey into a Crystal City in the sky

bird spirit_small


buffalo rising fin_smallSPIRIT BUFFALO MEDICINE — In the plains she grazes, wild lands and beauty all around her, she is of spirit and earth, appearing ghost-like as the rain falls onto her coat. She is a symbol to many, a great giver to the ancestors, she is both fire and rain. Her body is her armor, her heart a flame, the sky crackling around her, the clouds torching the heavens and she remains grazing. She is the ultimate peaceful warrior, she is goddess Sophia’s incarnate. Buffalo rising.

owl spirit_smallSPIRIT OWL MEDICINE



IMG_8534-1024x682GREAT FOREST SPIRIT– Every night the Great Forest Spirit gives herself to the little wild creatures in the woods, each night they eat from her and fall to sleep in her embrace. Each morning they look to the East as she kisses their noses, snouts and whiskers, by afternoon they look to the west and she snuggles them with a warm blanket. As night falls they look up to her looking down on them, “goodnight my babies”, “goodnight” say all the little creatures.

IMG_8535-1024x671GOLDEN FEATHER– My eagle friend and I joined as one and flew as high as we could into the world above. Surrounded by clouds and complete vastness. We turned around and there in front of us was a magnificent white eagle with Opaline white and golden feathers, as big as 20 buildings. it’s eyes filled with soul fire, white and gold sparks circling in its gaze, filled with the cosmos and eternity. Wisdom, ferocity and compassion we never knew poured out of it, it presented a golden feather as it’s medicine.

manta-ray-1 spont


reflection-updated feather i-am-safe goat-col-1