Respect the nature of things

November 18, 2017

Spinning a web in front if me w her baby spiders on her back

When her web was done the spiders climbed onto it

She watched them scurry and climb and fall, they were fast and tiny

Then she turned to me and spun me in a web caccoon

I tried to get out then realised i couldn’t so i rested

Eventually my light body gently opened up out of the cocoon on its own

It floated up and started to prance around

It looked at the babys and the big spider, i touched her back and she showed me her fangs, she wasn’t going to hurt me but she showed me that she could

The word RESPECT came

Everything needs to be respected in their own way, their own nature, the way to respect her was to see what she could show me and stay out of her way

I realised that and moved away but she beckoned me and her babies to follow her down into the water

The water was full of blackness, but it seemed v watery like it should be clear water bc the blackness looked like thousands of little dots and i could see that when she entered it.

Before she went in it looked like a very scary place, but she lit it up and the blackness separated and the water seemed thinner.

She led me to the place I had been searching for without words or thought, it was a feeling. A feeling that stretched across time and space, the place where my soul slept.

Made w Clear Quartz Moon.

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