Red Road

November 18, 2017

A shamanic journey I had where I cleared a lot of debris that no longer served me. It weighed me down, sapped my energy and filled me w toxicity. In this journey the debris was removed, seeds planted and replaced with a dance to help them grow.

My poem to this journey:

A long time ago they sent prayer from Pachamama to Great Spirit, bringing that prayer down to illuminate her and her children. Planting illuminated seeds that were touched by Thunder, that grow to be light filled rainbow warriors. Bringing the manifestations of Pachamama up, having them heard by Great Spirit, bringing that prayer down, healing her, removing the old, filling her w light. Doing this through her children, cracking open the seeds and stirring the ground, wake up little seeds, come quick! Follow the sound our steps as we dance the dance Great Spirit has shown us. I’ve put Lapis Lazuli is the sky and Arizona dessert red earth is the road.

Made w Lapis Lazuli Sky.

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