Rebirthing myself

November 18, 2017

I followed my guide into the watery cave I had swam in during sessions before, there were remnants of a popped bubble laid out on the cave floor that we had rescued lost soul parts from, I sat inside it touching the edges. When I touched it I felt sorrow and cried.
I picked up its pieces and put it against my face, I felt sorrow, loss, grief, love.
I lay down and gave birth in there to a delicate pink bubble. It floated upwards and I followed it.
I felt real peace. I trusted it would be safe on its own, and it was.
The peace felt like angels, it went all around me and protected me and the bubble.
The bubble opened up and when it did mer-people, dolphins and whales came out of the ground underneath me.
They came rushing out like an ocean, forceful and full of laughter and joy. I was told it was magical women’s business.
I woke up laughing. I had given birth to myself.

Made w Rose Quartz Bubble.

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