Meeting your true self in the Middle World

March 28, 2017

I went to the park and collected about 20 White Cockatoo and Corella feathers, found a nice spot and lay under a tree and put on my Harner drumming track and began to journey to meet my true self in the middle world. This was one of my assignments in the Shamanic course I’m in the process of.

I went to the lower world and called out to my animal friends, they were already there waiting in a line, Bear was very eager, I felt deeply connected to him today and asked him if we wanted to journey w me to the middle world, he nearly jumped me, he was so eager, YES let’s go! The other animals motioned to him with their noses agreeing that I should go with Bear! I also painted a small hand-held statue of Bear to commemorate this journey and my relationship with him.


We went up together to the middle world and I told him to wait at the entrance of the LW until I called him to accompany me.

Standing in the middle world I saw the vine and headed up to the UW. When I shot up I found my teacher and spoke to her and asked her about the places I had thought of for my MW journey to meet my true self. I told her about this place in Byron Bay that I love, it’s a small beach that’s really special, it’s very safe and has a little forest nearby, it’s really my favourite place in the world. Then I mentioned some other places and she told me it’s the first place and she nuzzled me, as I left my HS came and nuzzled me too, I felt so full of love and readiness.

I went back to the MW and Bear was already waiting for me, I climbed up on his back and put my face in his furry neck, I felt so at home in his fur and at peace, like he was a part of me and I felt totally safe and at ease with him.

He started to run towards the forest and through the trees until we hit this special beach. I felt total excitement as we brushed through those trees I know so well, I knew on the other side was paradise.

We got to the beach and it was exactly how I remembered it, the sky was clear, the water was sparkling and the sand was soft and white. I felt a presence immediately as I got there but Bear was so excited he hurled into the water and made a big splash. We played for a little while and he was tough and rough and very funny and when we had a break I called out for my true self to come forward.

She was already waiting on the beach, I knew it was her and I ran to her, she had poise and stood like a beautiful statue at first, but was very amused and her eyes twinkles with radiance coming from her. She looked like me but so much more and so much perfection, she was looking out to the sea and the sea was looking at her. She was made of wind and light and sparks. She reminded me of a smokey quartz, she was clear and bright but also with grey smokey whisps in her.

I stood in front of her and I can’t remember what was said, but we spoke a lot, eventually I said, I would love to merge with you, she said of course and showed me how.

She said copy me, I’m your mirror, and she swayed from side to side eventually in a dance, the dance was like this—we were standing face to face with each other, legs slightly apart, we picked up something from our left side while still facing forward and threw it into the air to our right side, then vice versa, we did this over and over and over again until I started vibrating and stepped into her.

As soon as I did we expanded, I felt like I was in an endless sky and endless sea, vast life and light and sparkles all around me, no up, no down, just this expanse, kind of like if you were in a turquoise clear sea that was filled with crystal light and went on forever and you could breathe in it and fly in it and swim in it. It was total freedom.

We started to fly and swim/ swim fly in this space, the beach was still there and sometimes we dropped into the sea and our arms reached the other town and we made snow angel like patterns with our arms in the sea, in between our arms making this movement there was immense energy and light being emanated everywhere. She then shot up out of the water and continued to do this in the sky, at first I saw her and then merged with her again. But when I saw her she sparkled light water droplets against a shimmering star, her arms were like wings now and they reached even further, I merged with her again and we expanded in the sky and our wing arms rose up and down melodically. We were dancing and she told me to make a dance that mimicked this story.

Then a thunderbolt hit the sand and made a rock, or there was a rock there and it hit the rock and made a symbol on it, the symbol looked like a thunder bolt with the number 4 in it. I later looked it up and it was a Gibor Rune, which means union with God and the Divine. This rune represents the giver of life and both the giver and the gift of life itself. It is also the cosmic consciousness and the divine principle. Being ONE with the sister soul, protection against evil forces, being/seeing the Divine, the cosmic consciousness and the divine principle, two forces having a singular origin, the spiritual ego, death-life cycle, protection against evil forces, union of the gods and the World, the uninterrupted chain in the cycle of eternal returns, the Creator and the Created, the deepest mysteries of the Universe.

My true self picked up the rock and said it was a Blessings rock, it will make me remember that I am loved and that I am safe and that I am free and she was about to put it in my heart.

I resisted because I recently went to a class about entity removal and one of the things we learnt was how after scanning your body we often find objects, the point of the exercise was to remove it with love, understanding, forgiveness etc. I told her about this and she said she understands but this is from ME to ME. So she put it in my hands instead and wrapped my fingers around it and said it will still help you, find one in real life and use it. She didn’t further explain how to use it but I will find out again. I was much too distracted!

I asked if she could merge with me and come back with me to the world that I live in and she said yes. We hung out on the sand with bear and he ran up to me when I was going over time and beckoned me to leave, he doesn’t take no for an answer.

We then went back through the trees to the middle world and back to ordinary reality.

When I came out I was in the park under a tree with birds in the background, I lay down and absorbed everything and began to read my book by Teal Swan, as I read it I noticed a bug on my page, it was an ant with wings, I looked up and there was a swarm of them all around me, I was in one of those swarms you see in hot spots in the park that you walk AROUND… and I was in one.

I got up slowly and started to walk away thinking they would stay in that spot, but they followed me to my car, I shook my hair and they fell out of my hair, I nearly screamed and I’m SURE I looked like a mad woman brushing away invisible things.

I mention it bc I wonder if they liked the vibration I was on with my true self, and if they liked that vibration then what does that say about the hot spots they circle around in.


After my journey I witness the most amazing sight that lifted my heart, a flock of hundreds of white cockatoos and corellas fly where I was sitting in my journey. I collected 20 feathers from the ground and went home and made this high vibration crystal feather mandala.

The next day I danced for an hour, I danced the dance that my true self taught me and when I got to the part where the rock with the gibor sign was on the ground, i picked it up and put it in my own heart, the feeling was overwhelming, I nearly cried.

I saw my healer the next day and she confirmed that the true self that I had met was an Elemental Nature spirit, in other words, a fairie, I’ve had one fairie connection, in a vision I saw them working on me, fixing parts of me that were broken, they were tiny and quick with pink flowers in their hair, naked little bodies and long flowing hair. I’m excited to learn more about Elementals.

Deb <3

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