how to make a paper mountain

March 25, 2016

Written by Deborah Kantor

Here’s something simple and beautiful to do, making a paper mountain out of your mess! You don’t need to stop with one either, why not make a whole set of paper mountains with your kids! All you need is paper, a small torch a pencil or texters and a drawing pad. Then draw your mountains, the shadows from the light will provide you with the textures and crevices that mountains have to make it life-like!

Step #1: First you crumble a piece of paper

Step # 2: Then mold it into the shape of a mountain

Step #3: Then you shine a light to one side of it to bring out all the crevices and shadows

Step #4: Draw it!

Deb <3

Music and film by Deborah Kantor

Thanks to Frantz Kantor for the awesome idea!

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