feeling safe after abuse

February 1, 2016

Written by Deborah Kantor

Something happened to me almost ten years ago, it was recently brought up after a photo popped up in my news feed on facebook.

Ten years ago, a friend introduced me to someone who I had an intimate night with, months later this person was outside my apartment and I invited him in as a friend, I had no interest in pursuing anything with this person as I had even seen him weeks before that night at a wedding and we were getting along as friends, nothing more.

Then fast forward to this night, ten years later, this person sexually assaulted me and tried to rape me, I resisted and eventually after two hours of screaming and pleading and begging, I succeeded into pushing him out of my apartment.

What I realized that night was that I was more vulnerable than I had known, I was not as physically strong as I thought and was a little more naive than I had realized too.

The idea of being weak and defenseless plagued me for years; it was hard for me to trust anyone after that.

Today my illustration is about me feeling safe, me using the light from within and from the source to heal the part of myself that is still shaking from that night. Yes that night happened, yes it happened to me and even to him in a sense and I acknowledge that, and I don’t need to feel weighed down by it anymore.

Deb <3

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