Are you addicted to healing?

March 29, 2017

Healing is very important, it’s becoming aware of what is blocking you from being in your power and potential and clearing those blockages with love, understanding, forgiveness and grace so you can make space in yourself to be your true authentic self.

But when does it become too much?

Ever since I’ve been on this path, I’ve been addicted to it and it’s always served me well, but lately I’ve noticed that all I do is healing, all my money is spent on healers, crystals, and all my time is spent on writing, drawing, praying, journeying and all my mind is consumed with thinking about it all, analysing. I feel blessed to be on this path, I feel the deep connection with Spirit and the call to work this way.

I feel it affecting and benefiting my life in Ordinary reality, I also feel that I am focusing too much on my Spirit body and not enough on my physical. This means that instead of being present, being able to do physical work, be in the real world I am often in the Spirit world. While I love this and enjoy this, it has started to take a toll on the physical world for me. Instead of focusing on work, I am focusing on my Shamanic assignment, all my energy has gone into healing and little into my business.

I need to just be and enjoy the space the healing work I’ve done so far have allowed me. To just enjoy the moment and focus on what my priorities are. Healing has been a number 1 priority for so long but that’s bc I was suffering daily and overcoming suicide, now that I am in a good place I can put it back a few spaces.

How do you fix this issue without compromising your love for healing?

Pray every morning, thank you guides and keep that connection, still be creative and write but narrow it down to one day a week! For me it’s been every day and that has been an absolute bliss ride, but now it’s time to focus on grounding myself in my daily life, using the healing work I’ve been through and incorporating it into this reality.

Ground yourself with activities that involve your loved ones, your community, dance, get outside, be with people! Often on this spiritual path we are in solitude, learning, meditating, journeying, find a way to involve others, while being active and healthy. Spend time with your family, cook dinners, just be, don’t focus on what problems they or you need to get past, focus on how they are great in this moment, how everything is fine and perfect.

This morning my husband woke up and excitedly told me about a dream he had where he met one of his Guides, it was very empowering and full of love, trust and safety. They showed him and expressed to him lessons in a way that made him feel super at ease. In the lessons, before he went to sleep they revealed to him a list of priorities. He wrote them down in a wheel, it was like his own Medicine Wheel for his life. A very profound and empowering experience and made me look at my own priorities!

When you go through a healing, the people closest to you go through one too, this explains why he was able to access his guides easier than usual and also explains why his lesson has helped me, by being on this healing path we are both helping each other heal, every time he heals, I heal and vice versa, pretty powerful!

Deb <3

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