About Me

One morning I was sitting on a bus when suddenly I found myself on top of a mountain in the body of an animal. Since then I’ve been trying to find out what it all means.

I’ve uncovered a lot about myself and have spent the majority of my adult years unlearning things from my past, things that didn’t serve me as well as relationships that didn’t serve me. I went through a lot of bumps along the way, fell on my face, broke myself into tiny bits, left my old life behind, nearly died, took huge risks and put myself back together over and over.

The healing journey I’ve been on has been painful and wonderful. I’ve had to face my own ego and shadow time and time again and been reborn changed, stronger and clearer. I realized early on that the stories that made up my life were destroying me from the inside out, and the more authentic I became the healthier I became, and anything that didn’t serve me became painfully obvious, if I didn’t honor this truth I would feel it for weeks like a terrible hangover so I began to listen very carefully to my heart language and the language of nature through synchronicity, it never lied, was always authentic and pure and it became a way of life for me.

I am currently studying to become a shamanic practitioner; I write about what I have learnt along the way and the lessons that have been placed at my feet. And I draw and paint the journeys into the spiritual world I’ve taken– it helps me learn and inspires me to create and I get a lot of joy out of it and I hope you do to 🙂

Deb <3